eCargo Bikes

Sometimes our little ones are not up for cycling or are just a little to small. At Clifden Bike Shop we have the perfect option for you without breaking your back, and lugging your kids in a trailer. Have more fun enjoying the wonderful Connemara Countryside with sleek and purposeful electric cargo bikes that fit your family. Thoughtfully designed with useful features and plenty of customisable accessories, the Fetch+ range turns every trip around Connemara a sheer delight.

At Clifden Bike Shop we have two Cargo Bikes available to rent:

Fetch+ 2

A mint green electric cargo bike equipped with multiple black storage containers, featuring a step-through frame and set against a white background.

Carry two kids + cargo

The Fetch+ 2 is a longtail electric cargo bike with front and rear panniers and customisable seating options to best fit your family.

Fetch+ 4


Carry up to four kids + cargo

The Fetch+ 4 is the ultimate car-replacement e-bike, with a front-loading bucket that includes two pre-installed child seats.

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