Self Guided Tours

Begin your self-guided tour at our Clifden Bike Shop, where we will equip you with all you need for an exciting adventure around the many routes we have to offer. Exploring the Connemara landscape at your own pace and rest assured we are never far away if you have any questions also the way.

Two cyclists with helmets, enjoying a bike hire service, on a sunny day, one pointing in the distance as they pause on a scenic route.


We will inform you about the towns you will visit and sights along your route. Including hidden gens, Historical and Archaeological sites.

What to Expect:

You will begin your self-guided tour, at our store in Clifden. We help get you ready with the correct bike for you, provide you with a helmet and high-visibility vest. We give you a full talk through the map that we supply, this will help you navigate the route and we will tell you about the towns you will visit and sights along the way. We alway  make sure you’re comfortable with the instructions before you leave us.  If you need any help,  we are always available to assist you over the phone and our support van is close by. 

Most of our routes are loops and easily navigated and we will find the route best suited to you. Our cycle routes are mostly on secondary roads, single track roads and on the Connemara Greenway.

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