Servicing and Repairs

Clifden Bike Shop Servicing & Repairs

At Clifden Bike Shop we offer a comprehensive range of servicing and repairs to keep your bike running at optimum performance.  

Like other machinery and vehicles,  a bicycle should be regularly serviced and maintained to keep the bike running safely and efficiently. Our bike mechanic is trained to the industry standard so you know that the Servicing & Repairs have been carried out by a professional.

Services at Clifden Bike Shop

€20 Bike Wash

€30 Safety Check

€58 Bronze Service

Free of charge within 6 – 8 weeks of purchase date of any new bike from us. Includes Safety Check plus: 

€85 eBike Service

Includes bronze service plus:

Note: We only accept diagnostics and updates for Bosch, Hyena and Kalkhoff (Impulse and Evo) motors.

€115 Silver Service

Includes bronze service plus:

€245 Gold Service

Includes Silver service plus:

We aim to:

Two smiling cyclists in safety helmets and high-visibility vests ready for a ride, standing in front of a vibrant blue bike shop.

Free Six Week After-Sales Service

When you purchase a new bicycle off us, you will be entitled to a free six week after- sales service. If you have to travel a distance to get to us, we would recommend ringing in advance to book your bicycle in. Where possible, we will do our best to get it done that day.

We’re here to support all those incredible cyclists traveling the Wild Atlantic Way, whether it’s a personal challenge, a charity endeavor, or simply enjoying a leisurely 2,500km ride. Pop in to us at the Clifden Bike Shop and we will pump up your tires, refill your water bottles and sell you all the amazing products we have in-store and also listen to your amazing stories of the Wild Atlantic Way.

F.A.Q. about Servicing

It’s important to service your bike regularly, ideally once a year, to keep it in top condition for a smooth ride. Depending on your usage frequency and terrain, also the weather conditions you ride in, more frequent servicing may be necessary. Prioritise preventative maintenance to avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs while out and about.

We aim for top-notch service with swift turn-around times, we offer 24- WORKING HOUR TURNAROUND upon request at check-in. We’ll strive to complete your work by the following day, unless parts need ordering (though we have a lot of parts in stock).

When you bring your bike in for service, our expert will assess it with you, addressing any concerns and asking about your riding habits to tailor recommendations for optimal performance and component longevity.

It varies depending on your service requirements. Rest assured, when you bring your bike in, we’ll guide you through the check-in process. We’ll discuss immediate needs and potential future issues, providing a written quote for recommended services. We’re happy to revise the quote if needed, and we always obtain your consent before making any changes to the charges. Providing your contact information ensures we can reach out in case of any unforeseen issues.

You don’t need an appointment to bring your bike into Clifden Bike Shop.  You will still be able to get the same great service you expect, including 24 working hour turnaround.

We aim to accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities.  With our current staffing, on a busy day, it may be difficult to change a flat tyre while you wait, so we may ask that you give us an hour or so to make sure that we get your tyre repaired and make sure that whatever caused it is identified and remedied. 

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